About Karen Martel Nutrition

Karen Martel, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and weight loss expert. After a lifetime of struggling with her own health issues Karen was determined to bring her knowledge to other women with a bold new approach to women’s health and weight loss. Karen's passion lies in helping women find their weight loss code through personalized diets, correcting digestive issues, optimizing hormones and managing chronic stress. She is the founder of the On Track meal planning and group coaching program and host of The On Track Video Cast on YouTube. She is a health fanatic and researcher that is determined to revolutionize nutrition for the modern woman. She offers free 20 minute discovery sessions on her site at www.karenmartel.com

Tandoori Chicken with Roasted Curry Vegetables and Mango

This Paleo curry dish will knock your socks off! My husband couldn't stop saying "MMMMMM this is sooooo good" while eating it. Enjoy! 16 ozs Chicken Breast (4 breasts cubed) 1 1/2 cups Organic Coconut Milk 1 tbsp Tandoori Masala Spice (Make your own tandoori equal parts: ground ginger, ground cumin, ground coriander, paprika, turmeric, [...]

Beat PCOS Naturally

In my practice I often see women who have been diagnosed with PCOS. Not only does it make losing weight challenging but it also comes with a whole host of other side effects. In today's guest post  best selling author and expert on PCOS Dr. Rebecca Harwin will share with you her biggest tips on [...]

Chicken Tandoori with Coconut Cream

12 ozs Chicken Breast (cubed) 6 Barbecue Skewers 1 can Coconut Milk 1 tsp Onion Powder 1 tsp Cumin 1 tsp Coriander 1 tsp Turmeric 1 tsp Sea Salt Directions 1. In a shallow dish, add coconut milk and whisk in seasonings. Reserve 1/3 cup of the sauce for serving. 2. Add chicken breasts to [...]

What Stress is Doing to Your Body

The scary truth behind what stress is doing to your body. In our modern environment, women are exposed to a number of stressful conditions on a daily basis. Stress is more complex than many of us realise. Between work, children, relationships, artificial lighting and our toxic environment we are all exposed to stress. These stressors [...]

Luan’s story “Slow and steady wins the race.”

We all want a quick fix when it comes to weight loss and health, myself included. But I think we can all agree there isn't one when it comes to weight loss. Today I am sharing with you a success story of an amazing woman named Luan who refused to give up on herself. That [...]