Beat PCOS Naturally

In my practice I often see women who have been diagnosed with PCOS. Not only does it make losing weight challenging but it also comes with a whole host of other side effects. In today's guest post  best selling author and expert on PCOS Dr. Rebecca Harwin will share with you her biggest tips on [...]

9 Reasons to Eat Coconut Oil

I am sure by now you have heard that coconut oil is a must have in a healthy diet. Of the different essential oils, coconut oil might be one of the finest for your health. Below is a list of 9 incredible things coconut oil can do for your health. Raises HDL Levels Cardiovascular disease [...]

Answer these two questions to help you lose weight

Jennifer, a 36 year old woman happily married with two kids was 5’7 and weighed around 250 pounds when we first met. She struggled with her weight her whole life and had been off and on diets for as long as she could remember. She cried the first time in my office, telling me she felt she'd [...]

My 10 step blueprint for weight loss success!

My 10 step blueprint for weight loss success! When starting out on any weight loss program you must ensure you have a plan because without one,  we tend to fall back into old habits quickly. Today I am sharing with you my 10 step blueprint for weight loss success! 1. Clear out the crap If [...]

10 Weight Loss Hacks You Probably Don’t Know

There is nothing more frustrating than doing everything right when it comes to weight loss and still being unable to lose weight! What’s even more frustrating is when someone tells you to work out more and eat less to solve the problem.  Thanks, tips! If anyone's body hates to lose weight it’s mine! If anyone ever tells me [...]

5 essential tips for women switching to a Ketogenic diet!

Ketogenic diets are quickly taking North America by a storm. It seems to me that every where I go and every woman that walks through my door is interested in trying the Ketogenic diet. Although I have danced around the Keto diet for a number of years it's only in the last 2 months I [...]

Ready to get ON TRACK?

So you found the most amazing diet... (Let me know if this sounds familiar...) You're jumping on a quick fix diet that promises the world. You're getting geared up, thinking.. “THIS IS IT! I am going to do this and I am going to lose weight once and for all." Then spending the next 30 [...]

The Four Pillars of Women’s Health

We Are Facing a Major Health Crisis! Women are seeing a rapid rise in obesity, hormone dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, fatigue and low sex drive! Over the past 15 years in my health practice almost every woman I’ve met has one or more of the symptoms above and after working with thousands of women [...]