Beat PCOS Naturally

In my practice I often see women who have been diagnosed with PCOS. Not only does it make losing weight challenging but it also comes with a whole host of other side effects. In today's guest post  best selling author and expert on PCOS Dr. Rebecca Harwin will share with you her biggest tips on [...]

What Stress is Doing to Your Body

The scary truth behind what stress is doing to your body. In our modern environment, women are exposed to a number of stressful conditions on a daily basis. Stress is more complex than many of us realise. Between work, children, relationships, artificial lighting and our toxic environment we are all exposed to stress. These stressors [...]

What chronic migraines have taught me

It's that time of the month again where everything in life comes to a screeching halt for a week. You see, I suffer from cyclical migraine headaches, which means changes in my hormone levels trigger migraines. It always starts a few days before my period - a dull ache in my ear that soon begins to [...]

Find out my top two tips for balancing hormones.

Pms, hot flashes, insomnia, emotional instability, weight loss resistance are all signs of hormone imbalance. There are two main interventions that you can start doing today that have the largest impact on hormone health. In todays video I am going to share with you what that is plus at the end you can enter to [...]

The Four Pillars of Women’s Health

We Are Facing a Major Health Crisis! Women are seeing a rapid rise in obesity, hormone dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, fatigue and low sex drive! Over the past 15 years in my health practice almost every woman I’ve met has one or more of the symptoms above and after working with thousands of women [...]

Reversing Autoimmune Disease Symptoms in 8 steps

Did you know that in the past 50 years the cases of autoimmune disease in North America have TRIPLED! Rates are developing so quickly that autoimmune conditions are now the third leading chronic illness, right behind cardiovascular disease and cancer. To top this off, of the 50 million Americans living and coping with autoimmune disease, [...]

Eat to heal

6 powerful diets that can help you recover from chronic illness! When people set out to recover from chronic illness they don’t typically think that there are different diets for different illness per se. The medical profession commonly advises most people who need or want to lose weight and regain their health to; exercise more, [...]

Ready to eat and drink your face off this Christmas?

The questions from women in sheer panic have been pouring in. “Karen - HELP!! -  how I do I navigate Christmas without eating all the goodies..OR  drinking wine and baileys... OR eating all that stuffing?” It’s almost Christmas and a lot of people make this the time of year to fill their face with food, sit [...]

Low progestrone = low sex drive, weight gain and insomnia

What can help raise your sex drive, lower your weight and eradicate insomnia? This is part 3 installment of “13 signs you have hormone imbalance”. Previously we discussed the damaging effect of having too much estrogen in the body. In this week’s post I am going to dive into the second most common imbalance we [...]