Chicken Tandoori with Coconut Cream

12 ozs Chicken Breast (cubed) 6 Barbecue Skewers 1 can Coconut Milk 1 tsp Onion Powder 1 tsp Cumin 1 tsp Coriander 1 tsp Turmeric 1 tsp Sea Salt Directions 1. In a shallow dish, add coconut milk and whisk in seasonings. Reserve 1/3 cup of the sauce for serving. 2. Add chicken breasts to [...]

Paleo Korean Beef

Recipe: Paleo Korean Beef This Easy Paleo Korean Beef recipe is fast, healthy, and delicious! Ready in under 20 minutes and only has 10 ingredients. It is also Whole30 and Paleo friendly. Replace the honey with erythritol to make Ketogenic. Remove the chilis, jalepeno and sesame seeds to make autoimmune friendly. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons coconut [...]

From Eating to Survive to Eating for Function

Back in January of 2017 I met an amazing young woman who decided one day that enough was enough and literally turned her health around within a very short amount of time. In a matter of six months, she not only transformed her own health,  but went from eating pizza on her couch to competing [...]

Ready to get ON TRACK?

So you found the most amazing diet... (Let me know if this sounds familiar...) You're jumping on a quick fix diet that promises the world. You're getting geared up, thinking.. “THIS IS IT! I am going to do this and I am going to lose weight once and for all." Then spending the next 30 [...]

Fermented Food 101

In case you haven’t heard all the cool kids are making fermented foods these days.   Fermented foods have gone through a fermentation process creating a deliciously pickled or strongly flavored food or drink. One of the most common ferments is raw sauerkraut - but don’t get confused with sauerkraut that you buy off a shelf! [...]

3 Autoimmune Friendly Recipes

The recipes you are about to see are from my signature 30 Day Body Reboot program  which is on special for the entire month of February for only $30! Keeping with this months theme of autoimmune conditions I picked 3 recipes that are also autoimmune friendly. Hope you enjoy! GREEN SMOOTHIE BREAKFAST BOWL I got this recipe [...]

Weight loss stalls and how to blow past them

Have you ever hopped on the next best weight loss scheme and watched gleefully as the pounds melted off only to come to a screeching halt? No matter what you did the weight wouldn’t budge past a certain point or you would drop a few pounds only to see it come right back. Welcome to [...]

Eat to heal

6 powerful diets that can help you recover from chronic illness! When people set out to recover from chronic illness they don’t typically think that there are different diets for different illness per se. The medical profession commonly advises most people who need or want to lose weight and regain their health to; exercise more, [...]