We all like to hear how we are doing including ME! Here are some kind words people have said about me and my programs that have truly touched my heart. I feel extremely blessed and honored to have worked with so many incredible women in my practice, thank you!


So I may have seen my scale dip south of the 90’s this morning. The best thing however is how much I am loving my eating – I am blown away with the freedom I feel knowing I don’t have to count calories or keep a strict regime. I am excited about the food and I am learning so much about how to include clean eating into our lives. My husband is enjoying the dinners (in fact I am including the kids now too – I waited to be sure but it is much easier for me if we are all eating the same dinner 🙂 I am so very grateful to have stumbled on to your name Karen – and for this group. Thank you.” Krina

“You are my shining nutritional star/guru! Having recipes, meal plans and guidance has made my life so much easier! The On Track program works, having that daily motivation, accountability and resource is what has helped me feel and be successful. I have lost 11 pounds so far! I enjoy working with you and your programs and the affordability of them! I also love how you are always thinking of your clients.” Stephanie Hampton

“Taking the guess work out of what I should have for dinner and knowing that my daily intake of protein, carbs, fiber etc. has been calculated for me is a huge plus. Following a menu I’m less likely to hit a fast food restaurant on my way home from work. I like that you have your own program and various diets to follow with eating whole foods. You make eating healthy easy and accessible to anyone. Your question and answer segments are informative and I like that you reach out to other professionals that are involved in healthy eating. With a little effort, you have made eating healthy easy. Whatever diet a person chooses its all laid out for the week. Every member of the family can enjoy the recipes.” Lois Sirup

 “My name is Trina Bannatyne. My son is EJ.  After a couple years of issues it was decided that EJ would benefit from having his tonsils and adenoids removed. The procedure was done in September of last year. He came through the surgery very well. He was given one dose of morphine and a course of preventative antibiotics.  Ej had quite a difficulty swallowing so keeping him hydrated was difficult. Our inexperience with antibiotics and children didn’t help. These things created a perfect storm for a very severe case of constipation. It went on for months with doctors telling us to give copious amounts of Restoralax and fibre and water. Even suppositories were used with limited results. The success was very minor with every movement taking hours. This always included horrible screaming and crying that always left ej exhausted and us feeling like horrible parents. It was heart wrenching. The consultations were all the same from family doctors to emergency doctors and even a renowned paediatrician.  I spent hours on the internet trying to find a better direction. I was lost. By chance I saw Karen’s site  on fb because I worked with her husband and had been friends for years. Our first visit was very emotional. She kept telling me to give myself a break and that I am a great mom. Through my tears I felt hopeful with how she was explaining things. She gave me supplements and a recipe plan for a month. I took a deep breath and felt better leaving that office than I had in months.  Ej surprisingly took very well to the change in diet including bacon eggs and hashbrowns. The supplements he gulped down with no problem. He had the most encouraging poop in less than 2 days. I cried for an hour. Same thing a couple days later. We were transformed!  Our house was happy again!  Looking back Karen’s analysis of Ej’s symptoms it makes so much better sense to rebuild his stomach bacteria instead of just trying to flush his bowel. This woman really knows her stuff and EJ is now quite regular and luckily he is not permanently scarred by the experience.  He even pooped twice today! I have since been using a program she designed for me and am so much happier and aware of my eating habits.  Karen please be proud of what you do. It’s a business but it’s so much more than that. It’s health and hope!  You are a health warrior!  I will always be so grateful!!!”💗💗💗👍 Trina Bannatyne

“I was suffering from serious digestive issues –  stomach pain, bloating, cramping, gas, uncontrollable diarrhea at times (afraid to leave the house), as well as extreme fatigue and brain fog.  I was very tired all the time.  I did not go out much but whenever I did go anywhere, the first thing I did when I arrived was search out the bathroom in case I needed to run for it which would undoubtedly happen.  I was thankful I was retired because this situation would have been a serious problem had I still been working.  I knew I couldn’t live like this and my G.P. just said I have IBS and that he couldn’t do anything about it.  I knew I had to get pro-active with my health so I searched for a naturopath. I found a good one in Kamloops who told me that having my gall bladder out about four years ago was undoubtedly the cause of most of my health issues.  This was about the time when my health issues began.  He also provided some supplements and tested me for food allergies and sensitivities, of which there were MANY and some very serious.  He referred me to Karen and provided her with details of my health issues and food sensitivities, and together we went to work.”  Laverne  Continue reading Laverne’s success story.


“About the same time that Karen was launching On Track, I was thinking about changing up my nutrition plan.  I had plateaued in my weight loss a bit and was looking to shake up my metabolism.  I have a lot of food restrictions right now and I am also working to minimize inflammation to control my psoriasis.  On Track has been just the catalyst I needed.  I love the different options of Basic clean, autoimmune paleo, Paleo and Ketogenic.  Karen’s support is also fantastic.  Her videos, Q & As, and guest speakers are very informative and encourage me to explore new things.  With my busy work, school, and home schedule I need a meal plan that is easy to follow and fast to make for me to eat with my family.  On Track and the meals Karen has pulled together nail it.  I love the simplicity and all the recipes taste great.

The keto plan I am following right now has supported me in minimizing sugars so I can focus on accelerating my metabolism.  I feel less puffy, my mind is sharper, and I have more energy.  I have also seen my strength increase through my workouts as I have focused on weight training through this process.   Thanks Karen for a great program.”   Jen Carsorso

“Karen I just wanted to check in and thank you again for your programs and DELICIOUS recipe ideas. I went from eating oatmeal everyday for breakfast and carb filled meals to healthier meals that sustain my hunger needs due to my metabolism and doing crossfit. Every recipe i have tried is so satisfying and tastes amazing (and I dont use the word ‘amazing’ very often lol). You have empowered me to eat the Paleo way by choice. I still use your recipes from the Nutrition Challenge at Crossfit Apostle daily. I also LOVE LOVE the Avocado Sweet Potato toast with Poached Egg I had it this am, again. My son’s acne has also improved due to knowing how to eat cleaner. Thanks again!” Deb Rah

“I loved Karen’s easy going approach, and her non-judgement of slip ups, and falters. She held me accountable, but in a way that didn’t leave me feeling like a failure, but rather like I was human! And it’s okay to slip – just get back up and carry on. Do the best you can and don’t worry about not being “perfect”. I haven’t tried anything like this type of program before – mostly because I didn’t think it would help me, and that maybe it would be too expensive for me to warrant spending on myself. Once I got to the point where I had hit my own “rock bottom” I had made it worth it to myself to spend the money, put in the time, and make a promise that I would put in the work.

Karen is there 24/7 for her clients. There is not any judgement or criticism about the reasons why you may want to start on this journey, or why it’s taken someone so long to reach out for help! As mothers we want to be the super hero and put everyone before ourselves, but in truth that is only hurting those we love. We can’t take care of them if we don’t take care of ourselves first. I tell everyone who will listen about Karen and her programs. I have seen first hand how much it has changed my life, and there is no denying that it works! That she is committed to providing her clients with the help and assistance that they need. That she’s there to listen to you, support you, and be your biggest cheerleader.” Janet

Read the rest of Janet’s success story here!

“I have tried in the past what most likely any other 30 something female or male has tried in regards to weight loss, exercise program, latest fad etc. Some worked great! Some not so much. The problem with all previously mentioned trials and programs was continuing efforts and maintenance. For me, it would be extremely hard to do P90x or drink a shake 2 meals of the day every day for the rest of my life. This brings me to Karen. I heard about her through word of mouth at an exercise class and figured I had nothing to loose. So an hour of sugar addiction confessions and laughs later, I had my 30 day plan, specially catered for me.  I created my own breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack cue cards based on the information Karen provided. I remember her mentioning to focus on what I could eat, not what I couldn’t, and I really could eat a LOT.   The first week was a fun challenge with headaches and tiredness, the second I stopped counting the days and started counting the pounds that were literally falling off of me, the third and fourth week felt like this “diet” could be my new normal. I did indulge a few times in coconut milk ice cream and dark chocolate, but the important message I took away was to enjoy a sweet if I wanted to and move on. Dwelling on my “cheat” would only make me resent the program. Overall I lost 10 pounds in 30 days, and have gained about 50% more energy in day to day living. Most importantly for me I feel extremely well educated in regards to nutrition and how to implement this knowledge into every meal I eat. This lifestyle really does feel sustainable and I will continue to work with Karen in the future to find a happy medium between this great new success I feel, and eating my cake too ;).” Kelsey Bhatti

“My son was constantly complaining of stomach pains, feeling nauseous and suffered from headaches; as a result, he was missing a lot of school and extra-curricular activities. He described his discomfort as sharp pains in his stomach, feeling like he was going to vomit and his symptoms got worse after every meal. His symptoms were stopping him from eating, learning, playing and taking part in daily activities. We had been to several doctors but never found a solution for him. Feeling desperate and overwhelmed I reached out to Karen Martel. This call literally changed our son’s life. After one consultation and two weeks of following the program Karen designed for our son, everything changed. He never complains of stomach pain or headaches anymore and has not missed one day of school or soccer practice since he has been following the program. He has a lot more energy and is so much happier now that he feels good. It was challenging in the beginning to find certain foods that he liked to eat and still fit within the constraints of the diet. Our family has gone through changes in the way that we eat and prepare meals. However, these changes have been well worth it and a learning experience that has benefited our whole family. To put it simply my son said “I used to always feel sick. Now, I never feel sick.” This has been a huge relief for us as parents. I am so grateful to Karen for helping my son when it felt like no one could.” Daina

“I’m looking forward to seeing you again. I’m still feeling really great… my skin has never looked better and I continue to have people ask me what I’m doing….to get there and noticing a difference in me. I feel like I have taken a little bit of my life back…. and that little bit of life is propelling me forward… I just wanted to say a big thank you to you. I’ve never really believed in myself… never thought I could lose the weight. But you believed in me and helped me…. I’m extremely grateful. I really feel like you are a huge part of my transformation and I’m so thankful that I took a chance to come and see you back in January. I still have a ways to go and I will come visit you again in a month just to keep myself motivated… I think what you’re doing is amazing and necessary in today’s world…. I feel a lot more like myself. When I look in the mirror I can see the old me… not all of me but lots of me. I have you to thank for that because I would not have achieved this without your guidance… help …support and encouragement… and of course your expertise.” T

“In 8 weeks I’ve lost 8 lbs and 11 inches, I have lots of energy since starting the program! I don’t feel deprived at all which is what I love the most about this program and Karen’s recipes. I just love Karen’s easy going personality and ideas about nutrition are just so different than the typical calorie counting methods I’ve tried in the past. I feel satisfied and excited about food again! It works! Karen is very approachable and knowledgeable and I’ve had great results from eating the way she recommends. It’s so different from other things I’ve tried and I just feel so much better. I’m losing the excess weight I’ve put on over the years, and I’m not starving doing it! I feel great! Thank you Karen!!”  Lori

“I’m celebrating today!!! I finished the 30 day reboot, and I feel amazing! Not only do I have more energy, less joint pain, and almost zero cravings, I’ve lost 18 lbs and I’ve been off of my meds for 3 weeks!!! I will definitely be sticking with this and trying to introduce a few things back, but it’s really working for me.” Lexy Bartley

“I have struggled with my weight my whole adult life, going through ups and downs and ups and ups. Nothing ever seemed to work for me and my weight continued to rise. I was hungry all the time and had no will power. I started the 30 Day Reboot in January with no great expectations but willing to give it an honest effort. I felt the program was reasonably priced and it was a completely different way of eating. Proteins and fats were never prominent in my eating plan. The biggest reason for the success was because I never felt hungry and the recipes were delicious. The weight started to drop off and in 6 weeks I was down 16 lbs. I continued on with the plan and have lost 22 lbs. Although my weight has eased up as of late, I still feel successful as I have the tools and knowledge of a great eating plan. Thank you so much Karen, for your program and for caring. You have always been supportive and you have a genuine interest in the well-being of all women struggling with their weight and body issues.” D.I.

“I have been on the 30 Day Body Reboot program for 3 weeks and have lost 10 pounds. I have way more energy and feel so much happier.  What I like most about this program is you are eating real food which is easy to prepare.  I feel everyone should know how easy this program is to incorporate as a life time change.  I can’t imagine going back to my old way of eating.  I will still eat the occasional donut or cake but will be occasional.  I will definitely recommend this program to family and friends.  I am very happy with my progress so far and plan on continuing with the program.” Rhonda

 “The program has made me rethink food, eating and dieting as a way of life but more in the importance my health and being in tune with my body. It’s not a quick fix – you want a magic pill don’t come.  If you want knowledge, confidence and options that are full of healthy alternatives and answers to your health issues then see Karen. Karen’s program/recipes has opened a world of possibilities.  When you feel trapped in calorie-counting or calorie restricted diet you feel tired, lousy and you fail. But Karen has given me options that made me feel good and satisfied.” Christina


“I have struggled with weight for most of my life. More accurately, I have struggled with properly taking care of myself for most of my life. Recently, I decided that I must do better. This change is overwhelming to take on by yourself! Where do you start? What information is good? What is important? Karen really understands and went above and beyond to help me. Karen took the time to understand what my lifestyle/schedule is and provided a detailed, realistic plan for creating new habits around meals. I appreciate more than anything that she respected my choice to be and remain vegetarian… she really helped me make wiser decisions in planning nutritionally dense and protein rich meals throughout the week. I feel good about what I am eating, I enjoy what I’m eating, and in the process I am actually losing weight.” Sarah

“Your plan is realistic and can be followed long term instead of the fad diets that make it all to easy to fall off the wagon!” Jamie

 “Karen is amazing! I came to her originally to see if she could help me with my skin issues as I have struggled with minor acne for years. After she advised me on how I could make some simple changes to my eating habits, I am so happy to say that, not only does my skin glow and is blemish-free, I’m pretty sure my butt is a little nicer and I have a ton of energy that I didn’t even realize I was lacking!” Stephanie Morrison

 “Very easy to follow. I have never felt deprived. Does not feel like a diet. It seems like you genuinely care about helping women succeed and heal issues. I would suggest this to friends because it works when other programs did not! I am seeing results without feeling deprived or being hungry. I am learning to eat real food and it is delicious. So far 5 inches and 15 pounds down” Debbie

 “I feel a lot more like myself. When I look in the mirror I can see the old me… not all of me but lots of me. I have you to thank for that because I would not have achieved this without your guidance… help …support and encouragement… and of course your expertise.” T

 “I love how easy the program is to incorporate into my family obligations! 8 inches lost so far” J.S.

 “Overwhelmed, confused and starting to feel scared, hopeless and a bit desperate, I asked a Pharmacist if he could recommend someone to help me with my snowballing health issues. I needed someone to help me pull together all my doctors advice and my own research – some of which was conflicting. I wasn’t even thinking about weight loss, I just needed to feel better. I had pain throughout my entire body, so bad that getting dressed in the mornings was a challenge. I knew this was a result of inflammation but I had no idea why my body was so inflamed. My cholesterol was slowly getting higher and I was starting to worry I wouldn’t be here to see my kids grow up. I was so tired all the time it was all I could do to get the basics done for my family each day. I was hanging on by a thread when I met Karen for the first time. I felt relaxed right away. Karen has a calming effect and she listens. It was so easy to pour out all my frustrations and fears. I didn’t expect her to have answers right away or to understand what was wrong with me.But she did. She gave me hope that day and I left feeling overwhelmed again but this time with hope and a gratefulness that finally I seemed to have found someone who could help me. It’s been 5 months now since that first meeting with Karen. My pain is almost completely gone. My cholesterol has dropped significantly. My energy has increased significantly. My knowledge of my body’s digestive system and how to care for it is growing. Oh – and I’ve lost 11 lbs – throughout the holiday season at that! Now that I am understanding more what I can and can’t eat to feel better, I might just focus on also eating to lose more weight. What a nice side benefit! The most important thing Karen has given me besides hope is answers. I know that I can mess up and eat something that I shouldn’t but it’s okay. I know what to do now to get back on track and feeling better again. This is a process and I’m not going to be perfect at it every day. Karen is there to support me and remind me that I’ve had a hard enough road without beating myself up for small mistakes. Karen is focused on making people feel their best. She totally individualizes every person’s plan based on what it is they need to do to be their best. She isn’t focused on just weight loss. Her knowledge far exceeds how to lose weight. If you need advice on any sort of health concern or issue, go talk to Karen.  You won’t regret it!” Kim Livingstone 

“The Changes for me occurred within 3 days, nothing I have ever tried ( workout plans, cleanses etc)has given me those kinds of results. I lost a total of 16 pounds and 6 inches and regained about 50% more energy! My attitude is better and so in turn I am easier/ happier to be around. My body doesn’t hurt daily and there is WAY less complaining. Working with Karen she was easy to talk to, share with, and she listened to me. I hadn’t tried anything like this program.”

What people should know is to be open to it. Is giving up cheese hard?? Yes, but if not eating it makes daily life better, then for me it’s a no brainer. Food intolerances are huge in my opinion and it can be as simple as removing one thing from your daily routine that can make a huge difference. I enjoyed every aspect of working with Karen, I would do it again and continue to this day to recommend her to anyone who asks. We as women need to take responsibility for our own personal health and working with her is one of the steps that everyone should take. Thank YOU and I will keep me coming back should my situation change again.” Tanya Le Clair

“OMG, I can’t even describe how much you have helped me.. all of it, easier, happier and def more enjoyable. The stress of thinking what to cook and how much is gone. I am thrilled with the menu. I am down 10 lbs since starting. You are “real” , if you get what I mean. You have been through it all and know what it is like and you give us real food to make without crazy ass ingredients we wouldn’t normally eat. Your food list and menu is so attainable, no crazy stuff you have to go hunting for and very importantly, you use the left overs, so you aren’t cooking something every single night. And I can’t believe how affordable it is. I love your informative videos that you do and the guests that you bring on. You are very knowledgeable and have a passion for you job and helping people. You will go above and beyond to try to figure out what works to make you feel better. Thank you! ” Heather