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Many health issues can wreak havoc with your metabolism and impede your ability to lose weight. After working with thousands of women I have created a four step approach to helping women lose stubborn weight and regain their health: balance your hormones, heal your gut, optimize your diet and de-stress your life.

Hormone health

When you have hormonal balance you feel energized, emotionally stable, little to no PMS, sexual desire and weight loss comes easily when the efforts are made. You’re probably wondering if that state even exists? Well… I am here to tell you it does! In our private sessions we will create a personalized program to meet your specific hormonal needs.

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New science indicates that damage to your digestive tract heads the list of priorities for getting to the bottom of  stubborn weight issues and recovering from almost all health issues. Cravings for sugar, carbohydrates and/or high calorie foods indicate a high likelihood of digestive issues that interfere with metabolism and hormone health.  When you get digestion working right then it is possible to get weight loss moving. 

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If you have struggled with losing weight in the past or have health issues that you want to get to the root cause of – I encourage you to try a different approach with one of my personalized programs – created especially for you! Together we will discover your perfect diet that helps you feel amazing and look amazing without deprivation and will power! Each plan comes with a meal plan and recipes designed for you and your specific needs.

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If you have been eating right and exercising but still can’t lose weight then you must look at your levels of stress. There’s a huge amount of research that shows stress can cause obesity and weight loss resistance. Stress is one of the most important – yet most often ignored – factors driving weight loss resistance.  In our session we are going to discuss your current lifestyle, levels of happiness, levels of stress and if you have a self care practice. We  will create a plan suitable for you, to begin implementing some tools to help de-stress your life. 

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Living with an autoimmune disease can be confusing and overwhelming.  You might feel like you have completely lost control of your body, your health, and your life. Using my unique approach and addressing the four main areas of women’s health; hormones, diet, stress and digestion you can relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases. I focus on removing specific foods in the diet that can make symptoms worse, healing the gastrointestinal tract, decreasing overall inflammation in the body, and supporting the body’s adrenal glands which regulate immune function and inflammation.

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